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My background

In 2008, I graduated from the University of Evansville with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. After graduation from the University of Evansville, I worked full-time for Magellan Integration, a low-voltage security company based in Evansville, IN. In 2009, I moved to Saint Louis, Missouri to pursue a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering at Washington University in Saint Louis. I received my Master’s degree in 2010 and moved to Dallas, Texas for a full-time position as a Software Developer. Between 2012 and now, I have worked as an intern for NXP (former Freescale) in Austin, TX, IBM Research Lab in Cambridge, MA. and Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX

I am also the president and founder of a nonprofit organization bringing new technologies such as energy efficient computers and embedded systems for schools in Africa. The nonprofit is called Cercle Social and was founded in November 2010. You can visit one of our projects here

SUMMARY Adjunct lecturer, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering.
EDUCATION Ph.D. in Computer Engineering Southern Methodist University
Master of Science in Computer Engineering Washington University in St. Louis
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering University of Evansville
December 2017 Dallas, TX
December 2010 St. Louis, MO
December 2008 Evansville, IN
SKILLS Digital Systems Design
Microprocessor Architecture
Formal Hardware Verification and Validation
RTL Synthesis and test
Embedded Systems Programming
Object-oriented Programming
Software & OS Code Composer Studio
Altera Quartus II
Cadence Verilog XL
Keil µVision
Synopsys Design Vision
Eclipse IDE
Xilinx ISE
NI Multisim
Mac OS X
Programming Skills Verilog
C / C++
D3.js JavaScript library

Texas Instruments, Dallas TX, May 2017-September 2017
Design Intern

  • Team: Multicore and DSP, Design and Verification.
  • SOC system traffic generation from external masters in a Multicore DSP for IO cache coherence testing

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, January 2016-Present
Adjunct Lecturer of Microprocessor Architecture and Interfacing

  • Taught a class on ARM Microprocessor Architecture and Interfacing covering topics such as memory structure and interfacing, bus systems, support chips, tools for hardware design, analysis, simulation, implementation, and debugging

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, August 2015-Present
Adjunct Lecturer of Digital Systems Design

  • Taught a class on Digital Systems Design including topics such as combinational logic synthesis using Verilog, programmable logic architecture, and finite state machine design

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, January 2018-Present
Adjunct Lecturer in Discrete Mathematics

  • The focus of this course is on mathematical principles central to computer science including sets, logic, and proofs. Students learn how to apply the concepts of discrete mathematics to computer science problems.

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, January 2018-Present
Adjunct Lecturer in Software Engineering

  • Introduction to software system development and an overview of development models and their stages. This course also covers system feasibility and requirements engineering, architecture and design, validation and verification, maintenance, and evolution. The topics Include project management and a review of current software engineering literature. Student teams design and implement small-scale software systems.

IBM Research Lab, Cambridge, MA, June 2014-September 2014
Research Intern

  • Perform temporal and structural graph analysis of Governance, Risk, and Compliance data
  • Design and implementation of tools for Information Visualization

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, August 2013 - Present
Teaching Assistant in Digital Systems Design

  • Assisted students with combinational and sequential logic synthesis using Verilog
  • Introduced students to HDL programming
  • Assisted students with finite state machine design and pipelining
  • Graded programming assignments

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, January 2013 - Present
Teaching Assistant in Microprocessor Architecture and Interfacing

  • Wrote interfacing labs based on the ARM7 and Cortex Microcontrollers
  • Introduced students to assembly and C programming for embedded systems
  • Graded Verilog programming assignments

Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, August 2012-Present
Teaching Assistant in Digital Logic Design

  • Provide students with instructions and guidance for digital logic design
  • Developed lab experiments for combinational and sequential logic
  • Graded digital logic design and Verilog programming labs

Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Austin TX, May 2012-August 2012
Software Developer

  • Application development for the wafer manufacturing facility
  • Development of a dashboard application using the GRAILS framework
  • Professional experience using the DHTMLX JavaScript library

Wirevibe, Irving TX, January 2011-October 2011
Web Developer

  • Professional experience in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS
  • Development and maintenance of corporate websites
  • MySQL database structure design
  • CSS programming for website visual enhancements

Magellan Integration, Evansville IN, August 2008-May 2010
Computer Engineer Level 1

  • Tested low-voltage equipment before delivery to customers
  • Designed and documented security/surveillance systems and low-voltage projects
  • Installed wireless routers on mobile security trailers
  • Installed DVRs, cameras and motion detectors for customers
  • Monitored and maintained the company VLANs
  • Configured testing lab facilities and maintained Windows & UNIX servers

Nanorobotics Laboratory, Polytechnique of Montreal Canada, May 2007-July 2007
Laboratory Research Assistant

  • Examined and measured the resonance frequency of magneto elastic samples for medical use
  • Implemented a VI (Virtual Instrument) under LabVIEW to record the frequency of Terfenol-D samples
  • Assembled a circuit according to the project specifications to measure the resonance of Terfenol-D samples
  • Documented experiments and submitted measurements for analysis

Area: VLSI & Digital system design

Title: Finite state machine (Matrix multiplier) on Altera FPGA
Datapath and controller design in Verilog Timing analysis for performance Title: 8-bit RISC CPU design in CADENCE: Designed a block diagram of the CPU architecture including registers, memory, ALU and control unit. Performed CPU layout simulation in CADENCE Performed LVS and DRC testing on the CPU in CADENCE Submitted layout for fabrication in a 0.6 micron CMOS process

Area: Computer architecture

Title: Design of 5-stage pipeline processor in VHDL using Modelsim (team project)
Wrote a custom instruction set architecture for the processor Wrote an assembler in Java to convert assembly instructions into 32-bit machine instructions Wrote test programs to test the behavior and hazards of the processor Calculated the execution time of the pipeline and processor MIPS rate

Area: Wireless Sensor Network & Embedded Systems

Title: Teleoperating Home Devices using TinyOS

Designed a remote gate opener using TelosB/Tmote Sky motes and a servomotor Wrote an application in nesC for the wireless communication between the base station and motes. Built the hardware setup and wired the servomotor to the mote external pins.

Area: Computer networking

Title: Design and implementation of a computer network with WAN connectivity for Oncology Hematology Associates of Southwest Indiana

Drew the network diagram including the VLANs structure Documented the current protocol configurations Wrote network configuration files with VLANs and ports configuration on Cisco Catalyst switches.

Area: iPhone OS application development

Title: Sudoku for the iPhone and iPad

Implemented the navigation view controller for the game’s graphical interface Wrote the application logic and the algorithm in Objective-C Upgraded user interface for integration with the iPad Title: Automated Phone Number Exchange for the iPhone Contributed to the high-level specifications of the application Implemented the library which handles the application logic Debugged and tested the application on the iPhone simulator

Area: Android OS application development

Title: Android Phone to AXIS IP Camera

Wrote an Android phone application in Java to control an IP camera remotely Established the communication between the phone and the camera via sockets Implemented control functions to move the IP camera from the phone using the AXIS API Implemented the application graphical user interface


Southern Methodist University, Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2015 and 2016

University of Evansville Students Dean’s List Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2008

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